Aug 112013

My parents are considering, wait that’s the wrong term. My parents really need to find a place to settle down and well, retire. And with my wife and I along with their grandchildren living in Asheville, North Carolina, we would like to find a place where they can be relatively close. So my mother has been looking in the area for a retirement community that has everything that they’re looking for. They want a place that is relatively small, located among nature, a place that has golf amongst a lot of other activities.

It was difficult for them to find a place that matched the laundry list of things that both my father and mother wanted, but after much looking they found a place that is less than 100 miles from where my family and I live. It’s a one f those golfing communities up in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Highland, North Carolina.

It has tons of activities for them and it’s located in the iconic town of Highlands. Apparently when you check North Carolina golf information this place is considered a crown jewel in North Carolina’s private golf communities. The Arnold Palmer-designed golf course follows the flowing Cullasaja River, a trio of waterfalls Ravenel Lake, and neighboring Nantahala National Forest. It’s absolutely breathtaking and my wife and I along with my children are very excited for them to be so close to us in Asheville.


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