Dec 172011

I am not going to lie. I cannot say that Lee or I really go in for the whole hunting thing. Yet we love hunting gear and all of the other associated stuff. Since we moved to the mountains, we have been to many hunting supply places. Most of our warm winter gear came from hunting and sporting supply places. Lee and I walk through these places with a stark fascination, touching the camouflage boots and the double lined gloves as if they were rare and exotic objects.

Since we moved from Miami to the mountains of California, we really have no idea about warm weather clothing. We needed an education about winter clothes since the south Florida version of warm cloths is long shorts and closed toe flip-flops. We were clueless about clothing for temperatures in the 30’s, 20’s or 10’s. So we went to a place that specialized in hunting clothing because, we figured, they know about being outside in the cold and still staying warm.

If you are looking for clothes that will keep you warm and are stylish in a weird kitschy way then hunting clothes are the way to go. At least, that is the way that Lee and I did it.


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