Dec 212011

There is simply too much to write about when we are asked to discuss college education. We have three children; one is in preschool, one is in elementary school and the other is in her first year of college. Lee and I are both college educated with Masters degrees so education is very important to us. Since we have our daughter finishing her first semester in college, we have had a lot of experiences and thoughts on the matter of college education.

Whether it is going to medical assistant schools in miami or studying law at Harvard, education is important. It is a way to prove your worth without needing to apprentice. That is the way that they did it in the old days. You would work for someone of free while they gave you room and board and taught you the trade. Now it is a little different. We send out children to college, pay a huge fee, and hope that they can make their mark.

This first semester for our daughter has been interesting (for us). She is blind so we were not certain that she could cut it in college. She lives on campus about 1800 miles away. If she needed something, she had to ask someone on campus because we could not just drive over really fast. She handled it. This means that she has shown us, the world and, most importantly, herself that she can succeed outside of us.

College is so much more than learning a trade. It is about learning self-worth. Everyone that has ever attended college has their stories. They may be stories of glory, stories of pain, or stories of stupidity but the stories follow us through our lives. They make us into the people that we are more than any class that we may take.


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