Mar 132012

Guest post written by Lesley King

I think that when you get your makeup done for a special event, it’s important to get some of the makeup to go with you in case you need to touch up. I went to a wedding once and cried during it. I had my makeup done and didn’t have any mascara that I was wearing before with me. To say the least, the pictures of me from the wedding after that were not flattering.

I told my daughter yet and she agreed that what we should do is get her makeup done and buy the stuff so she could recreate it on the big night. She thought it was a great idea, the next step was looking for a beauty look she wanted to recreate. We were both online trying to find the perfect prom makeup look for her when we saw some tips on how to get rid of debt. I was glad to see them because I’m in debt and feel like I could really use some help to get out of it.

We found the perfect makeup look with Camille Belle that she wants to wear for her prom. She has the same skin tone and coloring as her so I’m sure she’s going to look great with it.


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