Aug 292012

Stress is an energy that is either an external or internal force. It is a reality of life. A certain amount of stress makes us work faster with more focus. It encourages an ambition and has motivated evolutionary shifts. However, stress can also be very unhealthy. Dysfunctional stress is an internal process where the level of anxiety due to an external force becomes overwhelming to one’s system. This includes your physical and emotional well-being.

We write about finding the balance between doing what you like and what you need to do to survive. Sometimes what you need to do takes over and we forget to have a little fun. Fun is considered frivolous or a waste of time. We know that fun is needed to make the difficult times more bearable and yet we segregate fun to a few minutes a week and feel guilty for our enjoyment.

I like playing Bubble games. These are the ones with some type of ball that you shoot at more balls and they explode, pop, fizzle or transform into something cool. As you progress, the levels become harder by either having things that will not pop or having things that change the game like flowers that change the color of the bubbles. For some reason I find this incredibly relaxing. When I get overwhelmed, I use this game to de-stress. I also use it to refresh my mind. On the healthy front, I also take walks and do some breathing exercises.

Decompressing from stress is simple today with the advent of on-line games. We can take a few minutes to play and distract ourselves during a hectic day. Where else can you take a break, play a cool game and de-stress? I love losing myself to a game for a few minutes. Now that sounds like fun.


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