Nov 282012

Our boys love sandwiches. We can put anything between two slices of bread and they will eat it. Cheese, meat and even some vegetables are acceptable between bread. The only problem is that white bread is not the healthiest choice. Regular old white bread has a lot of empty calories and we do not want to mess up the fact that we just got the boys to eat a vegie sandwich by putting in unhealthy carbs.

So our new solution is low carb pita bread. First, the boys love pita bread. Let’s face it, we all love pita bread. In case you do not know, pita bread is Mediterranean flat bread. It usually puffs in the middle leaving a pocket that you can fill with goodies. That is why it is also sometimes called pocket bread.

Doing the low carb kind means that we are getting a lot of protein and a bunch of fiber. This helps everyone build good lean muscle and it also keep us regular. Take a look at the stuff that W.K. Kellogg said about being regular and tell me that you are not going to eat a bunch of fiber.

One of the things about pita is that it is so versatile. Not only do we do sandwiches but we use it for snacks and hors d’oeuvres.  Some pita, sliced into wedges, and some type of humus or dip and everyone is happy. Make it low carb, high fiber pita and they are happy and healthy.


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