Mar 182013

We have a lot of reasons to find the best sleepaway camp for our kids. Our two boys are 6 and 9 years old, are gifted and get bored very easily. We have to find something for them to do over the summer or else they will drive us crazy. Unfortunately, we do not have the finances to go on a month long vacation with them so we need to give them a vacation without us. The other part of this is that we have a 20 year old daughter that is studying ecology. From her point of view, working or volunteering at a camp is a great way to get valuable experience in her field.

So choosing the right camp environment is important in our life. We have our philosophic bend, our activity criteria and we need to know that our kids are safe. That is why having a database of camps and sleepaway trips is so useful for us. Being able to put in information and get a list of safe activity groups is wonderful.

What are you doing with your kids this summer? Are you teaching them something useful or just letting them sit around, watching TV and playing video games? How are you going to keep them educated and engaged without needing to spend your days playing taxi and event planner? A summer camp might be the way to go. Take a look and see if you would have enjoyed this when you were a kid.


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