Mar 282013

When I used to sell real estate, I was never a fan of selling residential properties. I would have people that loved old houses. I remember one house that was so old that it leaned to the left. In my heart, I could not understand buying an old house when you could build a new one. Of course, this was in Florida where Kolter Homes is located. Let’s just say that I like that new house smell.

When we first moved to Florida we had our house built for us. It was still part of a developer’s project but we had some choices. We selected carpet and tile colors. We had options to upgrade. We moved around a window or two. We made the house our own and we did it for the same or less than the cost of a resale home.

Later, I became a contractor and found that I could make my dream house at a fraction of the cost of everybody else. Put that house on a great piece of land and life is good. Some people like the whole golf course thing. I can see the benefit of putting a house on a giant chunk of land that you do not need to mow. For me, we are now in the mountains of Southern California but we are still following the logical benefits of having someone else tend our landscape. Our front porch is a lake and our back yard is a forest. We let God do the landscaping.


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